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Dear (%CustomerFirst%) (%CustomerLast%):

I would like to personally thank you for your business. I trust you are enjoying the California Closets system we recently installed in your home. Our goal at California Closets is to delight every customer and so I hope your experience working with us was everything you had expected it to be. Please feel free to send me any comments that you would like to share.

If you were thrilled with what we did for you, the best compliment you can give is to tell your friends and family. I have attached a digital referral card that you may print out and give to someone you know who might like to have California Closets in their home too. It's a token of our appreciation for both you and your referral when they become a California Closets customer.

Linked to this email are two documents that you may find useful. The first is an Adjustability Guide to help you make minor adjustments to your system. The second is our Care and Maintenance Guide with information on how to keep your California Closets looking and working at its best.

Once again, enjoy your new California Closets custom storage system! Please contact us again if we can be of further service.

Best Regards,

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